Yeninko of the Umlaut

Monday, October 24, 2005


I had Tripod over the weekend while Ginevra went out East. And the poor girl (Stella that is) was so gimpy. But I kind of got the impression she didn't know/care. She kept trying to run around and play as if, well, she wasn't gimpy (she can't run till she heals up a little more). So since I couldn't let her off leash just feed her instead. Mostly steak and eggs. As a result she did a lot of sleeping.

Um, I guess this is one of those, "I had toast and jelly for breakfast" posts. Ignore me and carry on.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Spam and Word Verification

As anyone out there with a Blog account may know, now and them you get someone posting spam in the comments. Blogger in particular suffered from this problem. It was getting to the point where I'd get about five comments a day that were spam. Going in and deleting them seemed to only attract more spam.

Thankfully Blogger has come up with a solution that thus far has shut spammers down. It means that when you want to post a comment you'll have to type in some letters from an image. I hope this isn't to much of a burden to ya'll cuz I do appreciate the comments.

If you have a Blogger account and have been getting spam, I highly recommend you follow the link above and set it up. Also I've found this page pretty cool if you wanna track traffic statistics. It's pretty simple and a nice reminder that even if people don't comment, they are spending 1.4 seconds realizing that they reached the wrong page before they leave.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


As a medical researcher, I want to make a gentle but sincere plea to the blogosphere to calm down this flu hysteria just a bit. The main way that flu kills is by predisposing its victims to "superinfection" by bacterial illnesses — in 1918, we had no antibiotics for these superimposed infections, but now we have plenty. Such superinfections, and the transmittal of flu itself, were aided tremendously by the crowded conditions and poor sanitation of the early 20th century — these are currently vastly improved as well. Flu hits the elderly the hardest, but the "elderly" today are healthier, stronger, and better nourished than ever before. Our medical infrastructure is vastly better off, ranging from simple things like oxygen and sterile i.v. fluids, not readily available in 1918, to complex technologies such as respirators and dialysis. Should we be concerned? Sure, better safe than sorry, and concerns about publishing the sequence are worth discussing. Should we panic? No — my apologies to the fearmongers, but we will never see another 1918.

Patrick Cunningham M.D.
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Section of Nephrology
University of Chicago

(Ed. Assuming you live in the first world of course)

The Water's Safe for Another Year!

As you might know a woman in surfing in Salmon Creek, about sixty five miles north of San Francisco, was attacked by a fourteen foot long Great White shark. Despite being bit and dragged under, she, and her fellow surfers, managed to get the shark to release her. She is expected to make a full recovery, despite bites all the way to the bone.

Asked in a interview the next day if she was planing of surfing again she replied, “I’ve been bitten once, what are the odds that I'll be attacked again?”

Other interesting shark facts are that I surf in what is called the Red Triangle, according to Catshark’s Shark Cove;

It stretches from Bodega Bay, out to the Farallon Islands and down to the Monterey Bay.

It's name comes because it is the highest documented area in the world for shark attacks. In this area there is a large population of marine mammals such as seals and sea lions. One of the favorite foods of sharks.

According to the local news, the area averages a shark attack slightly more than once a year and averages one fatality per decade.

Note that if you see someone attacked by a shark, you should go to their aid. Sharks will usually bite and release, and the victim can likely die from drowning or blood loss if unassisted. The shark, on the other hand, will realize it’s just taken a bite of primate-on-stick and not seal veal as intended and leave the immediate area slightly chagrined at its mistake. You know, if they had any thought in their head other than “KILL, KILL, KILL”.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Check it, Yo.

The always unindemnifiable (yeah I made it up, you got a problem with that?) Alex Dorfman has set up a blog for his long running Thursday night radio show. That’s right, The Draize Train, on the dial at 87.9 Frequency Modulation (FM) in the Bay or on the internerd via pirate cat radio.

I'm splitting town for the weekend to surf in Santa Cruz. When I get back I'll post all about the blighted banana, until then here's a picture of the surf crew from one of the last times we went out to Manresa for your view pleasure...we should start a band.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

It Really is the King of Thai!

If you have lived in SF or the Bay Area in general, one thing you may have noticed is that the town shuts down early. Trying to get food around here after 10pm is worse than trying to find late night food in Arcata, CA (pop 15k). I grew up in LA, and spent time in Boston as well as visited many other destination cities and in every one getting food, even after midnight, was not only realistic but one was provided with a wide variety of places to select from, nothing like I’ve found in these parts.

However, I just found out that one of my favorite Thai places, which is fortunately located scant blocks from my apartment, is also open until 2:30am everyday! Yep, none other than King of Thai Noodle (NO 2) @ 346 Clement St (415.831.9953). I recommend the #17.

Spare Change?

As you know I'm pretty broke right now which is actually more fun that you might expect. Most of the things that were standard activities in my life (primarily eating out and buying stuff) I now can't afford to do.

In any case, I was trying to catch a ride on a bus last night when I realized I had the requisite $1.50 but only if I include ten pennies. But as you may not know, SF's buses have one of the few machines still in this world that actually treat pennies as real currency. So I got on my bus and took that ride. But it got me to thinking about pennies. I know of only two machines that take them, the aforementioned SF buses and parking meters in Hudson, Wisconsin. Does anyone else out there know of any?


Thursday, October 06, 2005

Debt Free...Again

I just paid the bulk of my last paycheck* to American Express, $1,047.95, which leaves me $150 for two weeks. Now there was a time where $75 for a weeks worth of expenses would have seemed a fortune but nowadays it seems like I'm scrimping to get by. Oh well, the next paycheck, and everyone after it, will be mine all mine.

* Technically it's my next pay check since it clears tomorrow but.