Yeninko of the Umlaut

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dance pickle, dance!

So when I was at university, as they say in the great white north, I used to pickle green beans using a recipe a coworker supplied me. Time passed and I lost the recipe and was explaining my dismay about this to Jethro who suggested I wiki-up pickling to see if there were any online recipes.

Wikipedia had a lot of interesting this to say about pickling including links to National Center for Home Food Preservation and a link to the Dill Pickle Lamp.

Dill Pickle Lamp you say? Curiosity piqued, Jethro and I, armed only with a pickle, spliced power cord, two nails and a healthy state on inebriation endeavored to create a Dill Pickle Lamp!

A video (22Megs, so give it a minute) of the event is here (note that is this the second take because on the first one I forgot I hit the record button).

What all this hoopla about LED is is, I really can't understand. Why, in my day we had to use PICKLES for light bulbs!

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